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Burrito King is crazy awesome. I just had the angriest salsa of my life. Way good everything else, whatever the hell it was.


Jun. 15th, 2008 08:55 pm
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My damn dog bit a hole clean through my hand. He's taken to stealing random objects while we're asleep or not looking and bringing them to bed, guarding them like Cerberus or something. Even when he doesn't have a lighter or a stapler or a pen or cigarette roller, he still refuses to let daddy into bed without a snarling, growling, snapping match. It's funny, because he's bitten me pretty good before, and i truly am kinda scared of his tiny little razor-sharp teeth - especially when i'm entering the bed in my cotton boxers - but now i know for sure that my fear is not unfounded. I deserved it this time, though. I made a fist at him and was a little aggressive this time.

Damn, it hurts! He gouged me down to through the muscle on the top, between my thumb and palm, and cut on the first thumb joint on the bottom. The blood pooled up real dark and thick and it filled up the first bandage after a few hours, but i really didn't bleed a whole lot. I probably could have used maybe a stitch or two, but there's no reason for that. People have survived much worse injuries, and i might even get a cool scar out of it.

Oh, and i got food poisoning from Milano's last night. So today wasn't my day.

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