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Birthdate:Oct 27
Location:Dayton, Ohio, United States of America

my music is now on MySpace Music

unemployed rascal seeks meaning, adventure.

my name is jeremy. i am a musician, writer, dreamer, and thinker of thoughts. i contain many atoms. i like to wear pants. i also like not wearing pants. i abhor routine, planning, and normal patterns of behavior. i sleep late. i arrive late. i leave early, usually without saying a word of goodbye. i am a devout agnostic. i am 32, going on 23. i love people. i am a serious misanthropist. i am an idealist. i have a bad attitude. bad weather makes me crazy. i smoke like a chimney. i am a self-loathing narcissistic tortured artist. i am quite mad. i am quite possibly the dullest person you could ever meet. and i love you.

summary: skeptic, agnostic, occult "enthusiast", HTML freak, musician, poet, self-loathing tortured artist, anarchist, philosophizer, armchair physicist; member of several dangerous UFO-centric mind-control (well, parody) cults and no 12-step programs.

now accepting your generous donations - and believe me, i give more back than PBS ever could!
oral sex donations accepted
not because you just should anyway, but because you honestly really want to.

and wear that thing we talked about. you know the one.

keep me out of a job!

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