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Here’s a recent discussion i had, or am having, over on Facebook. The gentleman in question apparently lives in my hometown, and (according to his FB profile anyway) graduated from the same school in the same year as me. I don’t remember him, but that’s probably because he was clearly still learning to use the slime he oozes to get around on his own. I’m guessing he was actually home schooled, because even my shitty cow pie-encrusted school would have had a hard time letting this horrifying intellectual vacuum graduate.

Click on the image to get a full-size view. Hopefully this business continues and i’ll be able to add more!

Date: 2010-08-06 12:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lol @ park layne comment

also ah yes it's all about them brown skinned spanish speakers making it hard for the white teenagers to get a job. lol he just proved that it's not about their legal status at all. if they were all legal, which they probably mostly are, it wouldn't change a thing for him. they'd still be there with their jobs, while his knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing offspring are still at home, probably not even looking for work without their parents riding their ass about it.

i work with a whole lot of hispanics. let me tell ya what the local white teenagers are like who come to apply for work at my restaurant - and this is in a relatively affluent area compared to where you're at. BOTTOM OF THE FREAKIN' BARREL. kids who can't look you in the eye, much less grunt that they'd like an application. stretched earlobes, tattoos on their faces, really bad facial hair, fat pants with chains and shit, the works. fashionable for their age group maybe, but not trying in any way to make a good impression on anybody. they say they're available 3 hours a day after school, except on friday, saturday, and sunday, which are our only busy days. some have their moms or girlfriends do all the talking for them. no transportation. already have a bunch of bad habits from working at dairy queen or taco bell, who take anyone with a pulse. they shuffle off with their pants sagged down to their ankles and their stained tighty whiteys showing. half of them don't even bring their applications back.

we're supposed to hire these douchebags because they're american and are native english speakers? shyeah right.

meanwhile, for every one of them, there are 5 mexican men & women with green cards who are clean-cut, mature, well-spoken, personable, available, reliable, skilled, on the ball, who already know and have endorsements from half the staff, and who can start tomorrow. seriously, it's a no-brainer.

that said, we do occasionally get lucky and get some conscientious, presentable, on-the-ball white-bread teenagers from the local college prep schools. when they walk in, dressed for success and clearly being focused on making a good impression, and they ask for an application, we basically hire them on the spot. but just like with the hispanics, it's truly just a matter of what they bring to the table. there ain't no job-stealing going on. it's all in park layne guy's tiny little mind.

Date: 2010-08-06 09:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey Mike! I wholeheartedly agree. If i must make sweeping generalizations, which i honestly kinda like to do anyway, in some cases, i'd say that i've never seen a more hard-working ethnic group. Their work ethic, cleanliness, and friendliness are something to be admired. Stupid fat dumb lazy American slobs are clearly just jealous.

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